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27 April 2021



Online events have changed the event industry. Have you changed with it?

On Unmuted, some of the smartest minds in events, marketing and content share their experiences and advice on how you can create game-changing online events.

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1: How To Create Content That Captivates

Melanie Deziel


Streaming Live 27 April 4pm (UK)

Capturing, and keeping, the attention of your online attendees is tricky. They literally have the rest of the world at their fingertips the moment their attention wanders.

Join Melanie Deziel, Director of Content at Foundation Marketing and bestselling author of The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas, for episode 1 of Unmuted and discover how to create content for your online events that will not only capture attention, but also drive registrations and leads.

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27 April 4pm (UK)



2. Planning An Online Event Series 101

Joe Glover


Streaming Live 4 May 4pm (UK)

Getting everything sorted for a one-off event is tough going. But organising a weekly series of online events is something else. Joe Glover, founder of The Marketing Meetup has been doing just that since in-person events were locked down in 2020.

48 (yes, you read that right) installments later and Joe is live on Unmuted to answer your questions on how to run a successful online event series.

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4 May 4pm (UK)



3: How To Find The Speakers Your Audience Will Love

Rand Fishkin


Streaming 11 May 4pm (UK)

Getting the right speaker on your event can make or break it. Book one that is popular with your target audience and you’ll see the registrations roll in. But how are you finding your speakers? Are you unearthing the hidden gems that will make your event stand-out from the (increasingly busy) crowd?

Catch Rand Fishkin, cofounder and CEO of audience research startup SparkToro, on episode 3 of Unmuted as he reveals how you can get a jump on rival events and delight your audience with influential speakers.

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11 May 4pm (UK)



4. Organising Virtual vs In-Person Conferences

Areej AbuAli


Streaming Live 20 May 4pm (UK)

We all know that conferences have had to pivot online in the past year. But have you changed the way you are planning and organising your event?

Areej AbuAli, proud founder of the Women in Tech SEO community, has navigated the changes of going from monthly meetups and full-day in-person conferences to fortnightly virtual workshops and a virtual WTSFest.

Watch Areej on episode 4 of Unmuted as she explores what’s changed behind the screens.

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20 May 4pm (UK)



5: How To Make Your Virtual Event Content Last Longer

Kareem Mostafa


Streaming Live 1 June 4pm (UK)

Running a virtual event is a lot of work. It also produces a ton of content featuring leading lights in your industry. But for most events, that content rarely sees the light of day again. Does that effort to exposure rate seem right? No, it doesn’t to us either.

On episode 5 of Unmuted, Kareem Mostafa, co-founder at tribetactics and author of the book Original Series, lifts the lid on how you can make your virtual event content work harder for you.

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1 June 4pm (UK)



6: Generate More Leads From Your Online Events

Dean Seddon


Streaming Live 8 June 4pm (UK)

You’ve worked hard to create a really engaging online event, but has the same thought been put into how you’re going to generate leads from it? Unfortunately, many people still struggle to see quality sales from their online events.

Dean Seddon, Founder of Maverrik, is here to change that. Watch episode 6 of Unmuted as Dean pulls the plug on everything you need to make an online event that works for your business.

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8 June 4pm (UK)




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