Generate More Leads From Your Online Events




8 June 2021

4pm (UK)

45 minutes

You’ve worked hard to create a really engaging online event, but has the same thought been put into how you’re going to generate leads from it? Unfortunately, many people still struggle to see quality sales from their online events.

Dean Seddon, Founder of Maverrik, is here to change that. Watch episode 6 of Unmuted as Dean pulls the plug on everything you need to make an online event that works for your business.

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Episode Host

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Dean Seddon


Dean is CEO of Maverrik, helping businesses devise and deliver growth. He is also a public speaker, marketer and social media influencer. His knowledgeable straight forward speaking has motivated and empowered entrepreneurs around the world to change and grow. Dean’s passionate delivery on marketing strategy and growth has captivated audiences and rekindled their passion for their businesses.


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